Dr. Bonnie Kingkaysone didn’t as much choose to become a veterinarian as she was called into the profession. She found her calling at an early age after losing a beloved pet. ‘Dr. K’, as her patients parents lovingly call her, explains, “Surprisingly my interest in veterinary medicine happened when I was quite young and experienced the sudden death of my first dog. I remember the hopelessness of not being able to help my pet. It was then that I began my desire to learn more about animal medical care. I wanted to help others who may be in the same situation to lessen their pain and offer them comfort during a difficult time. I was fourteen years old at the time.”

Dr. K adds, “As I continued my studies, I realized science and the medical field was very fluid. Diagnosing a patient is very much like detective work because your patients cannot tell you what’s wrong with them. There are also many different paths of treatment to try on a patient because every case is different and presents a challenge. I will never get bored with veterinary medicine. One thing that never changes about what I do is the joy I feel when I help pets and their people.”

Dr. K is a Texan with roots deeply planted in the Metroplex. “I have lived the majority of my life in the Dallas area. I remember 15 years ago when there were two little country roads called FM 423 and FM 720 that intersected in a quaint little country community called Little Elm. I am thrilled at the growth Little Elm has had over the years. I see what the city has become and definitely see the potential of where it is going. There are so many new businesses and housing that has settled in the city and the community is so welcoming to all. There is always some public event for every season that’s family friendly which encourages more people and their pets to settle here,” Dr. K shares.

Dr. K graduated from Ross University in 2014 (a prestigious AMVA accredited school that happens to be in St. Kitts, West Indies) and finished her clinical year at Oklahoma State University. She opened her clinic in Little Elm in September 2016 where she currently specializes in small animal companions and pocket animals, and is a strong advocate of preventative care. Dr. K councils, “Preventative care can either help prevent diseases or troubleshoot problems before they get out of hand. It’s also much easier to treat disease in its early stages. This means the pet has a longer and healthier life which ensures more cuddle time with the owner and less expense of their wallet.”

Dr. K is interested in the health of all animals, whether they have fur, scales, or hooves. In addition to
traditional medicine, she is furthering her education in acupuncture to offer more holistic/alternative methods.

Dr. K concludes, “The atmosphere at the clinic is bright, open and welcoming. I want clients to feel like family and that we treat their pets with love, respect, dignity, and honesty. We are very open to questions and educating the public because that in turn ensures that all fur babies have a chance for a happy, healthy life.”

For more information contact us at (972) 987-4675
1150 E Eldorado Parkway, Suite 400
Little Elm, TX 75068