THE TEAM AT PROSPER FAMILY MEDICINE is uniquely qualified to provide preventive care and managing complex and chronic conditions.  They believe quality healthcare includes strong patient relationships, advanced comprehensive medical services, and commitment to improving the health of their community.  All the doctors at Prosper Family Medicine are passionate about education and prevention, ready to serve every patient.  These caring professionals take time to listen to patient’s questions and concerns, making sure they feel comfortable and are informed about all aspects of their care.

Last summer, Ann Snyder, MD and Rhonda Hopkins, MD, FAAFP, owners of Prosper Family Medicine welcomed a new physician to their practice, Manju K Pandey, MD. Specialists in family medicine in Prosper since 2007, the doctors were excited to have Dr. Pandey on-board as part of their team of caring professionals in the fast growing community of Prosper.

Dr. Ann Snyder obtained her medical degree from the University of Oklahoma in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and completed her residency in family medicine in Nebraska.  She began practicing in Collin County in 1999.

Dr. Rhonda Hopkins began her career as a dentist, but soon changed course following her heart and father’s footsteps in 1997 to become a family medicine doctor.  She received her medical degree from Texas Tech Health Science Center in Lubbock, Texas.  After completing her residency she joined Dr. Snyder in 2001.

Drs Snyder and Hopkins concur, “Dr. Pandey is a perfect fit for our practice.  She shares our values believing that quality healthcare includes strong patient relationships, advanced comprehensive medical services, and a true commitment to improving the health of our community.

Dr. Pandey is passionate about education and prevention, and embraces education outreach programs, hoping to reach and inform every man, woman, and child in our area.”

A Board Certified Family Physician, Dr. Pandey was born and raised in Nepal, a small and underdeveloped country between China and India.  Dr. Pandey shares, “I dreamed of becoming a doctor ever since I was a little girl. My parents always stressed education, and my father especially encouraged me to follow my dreams.  I grew up in rural Nepal where quality healthcare was limited.  People I knew and cared about had inadequate healthcare and had to travel many miles to receive proper medical care.  I knew early on that all people deserved easily accessible health care when they needed it most.   It was then that and I knew being a physician was what I wanted to do.”

Dr. Pandey shares, “I am so grateful for the support of my family. Because of them I was able to pursue my dream and study medicine at Nepal Medical College in Kathmandu.  After I finished medical school I moved to the U.S. to be with my husband and the rest of the family, and to receive advanced medical training.”

Dr. Pandey continues, “Life took us to Minnesota. Though I missed Nepal, which is home to the majestic Himalaya’s, Minnesota has its own unique charm and beauty. Known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” Minnesota is just beautiful and the people so warm and welcoming!  I did my residency at the University of Minnesota St. Cloud for three years while completing my residency in Family Medicine.  I served as Chief Resident for one year, which reaffirmed my decision to pursue medicine.”

“After I finished my residency, family and friends brought us back to Texas in 2012, and we’ve called Frisco home with our children ever since.  With its excellent school system, and a need for doctors due to the population growth, it just seemed like  the  right  move.   I  was  recruited  by Methodist McKinney Hospital, and through them was introduced to Drs. Snyder and Hopkins.  We discovered we shared the same values for quality healthcare; which includes strong relationships, advanced comprehensive medical services, and commitment to improving the health of the community,” Dr Pandey says.

Drs. Snyder and Hopkins believe Dr. Pandey is a special part of the team and the community because she embodies their mission and purpose. “She takes time to get to know her patients. She listens to their concerns, and wants to help them build healthier, happy lives.  She values deep, meaningful connections to her patients, and wants to provide them with the best care possible.  These are some of the qualities that set Dr. Pandey apart.  She serves from the heart.”

Dr. Pandey smiles, ‘Getting to know my patients, no matter how big or small their concern, and being able to help them is so meaningful to me.  To know that I’ve made their lives better is why I do what I do.”

When your family needs medical care you want a physician close to home.  Prosper Family Medicine is located in Prosper Town Center off Preston Road in Suite 30.   For more information about Prosper Family Medicine or to schedule an appointment visit online at or call 972-346-2279.