Who knew all car washes are not created equal? You have a choice when it comes to car care, and if your vehicle is important to you, you’ll want to choose Pristine. Combining competitive pricing with the best equipment available in the industry, you will receive the best conveyor wash experience. Every wash, even the base wash, includes wheel cleaning, a truly spot-free rinse, and free use of vacuums.


Clients can choose from three levels of service: Good Green ($8), Better Blue ($12), or Pristine Purple ($16). A solid total-car wash is delivered at every level, but the higher level washes offer additional waxes and shine. For those frequent washers, monthly plans are available, as well as gift cards and discount cards—the more you purchase, the more you save. Every Pristine Purple wash includes a three day clean car guarantee—at any point, rain or shine, a client can return his/her vehicle for a follow-up wash within three days of the originally purchased wash.  You simply scan the barcode on your original receipt and get a free Green wash.


Pristine Express Car Wash is veteran owned and operated and customer care is a top priority for John Hooker. After decades in corporate finance, he was approached by a friend about a car wash venture; John saw a great opportunity to turn his love for cars into a successful business. His business card has the outline of a Porsche, representing the classy, timelessness of his vision. He says, “We opened in Forney because it reminds me of my home town in Virginia. I love Forney, and I enjoy serving the community and being a part of the exciting growth.” John won’t stop there, however. His future plans include several locations around the metroplex.


The Pristine building was built in compliance with the Water Conservation Alliance of the Southwest Carwash Association, and their methods are as green as possible. “We use reclaimed water, which assists in conservation.” Rather than high-pressure sprays utilized by most washes, Pristine uses a rain bar—equally efficient, but not rough on the car. And though many washes claim a spot-free rinse, John will actually give you a tour and show you the machines and technology that provide it. “Our rinse technology is the best on the market. It uses water with the lowest mineral count to eliminate white water spots on the car.  Recently, it has been running at 2 to 3 parts total dissolved solids per 1,000,000 parts water.”


Following the rinse, ten blowers with hurricane force winds dry the cars. Though some might be accustomed to hand drying, John says it’s not always the best way. “People drying cars aren’t taking the same care with your car as you would. They can leave behind dirt from other cars as well as scratches and abrasions. By the time you use our blowers and free vacuums, you’ll drive away with a dry and spot-free finish.”


Pristine Car Wash uses Spinlite equipment by Belanger which functions with a third of the RPM’s as most car washes, meaning it’s a safer, gentler wash for your car. Rather than beating the car which can damage paint and even the body, Spinlite provides the care your car deserves. This equipment is utilized by less than five carwashes in the entire metroplex—you will see the difference. John’s enthusiasm and belief in his exceptional model is appealing, “We provide a clean, tidy, solid car wash with no scratches or residue at a reasonable price.”


When not making customers happy and their cars shine, John’s busy being a single dad to two teenage sons and their bird dog, Pepper. Both boys are active on travel lacrosse teams and their school football teams. John’s choice to become an entrepreneur was fueled by his desire to spend more time with his boys; a dream that’s become a reality having coached their teams, mentored them in their Catholic faith and having taken trips with them like riding across Baja, Mexico on dirt bikes.




  • Best equipment, safer for your car
  • Rain bar
  • Truly spot-free rinse
  • Scratch free washing with Spinlite soft cloth
  • 3-day clean guarantee
  • Monthly memberships
  • Gift card discounts




  • Good Green-$25
  • Better Blue-$35
  • Pristine Purple-$40


150 Kroger Drive  |  Forney, Texas 75126  |  (682) 410-8822   PristineExpress.Com  |  Hours: M-S 7am-7pm, Sun 10am-6pm