Little Elm has grown exponentially in the last three decades from a population of a little over 3000 to over 35,000. Leaders in Little Elm needed vision and determination to prepare the infrastructure to sustain the growth. Thankfully, those in the LEISD were visionaries, planning initiatives way into the future. Little Elm now has several elementary and middle schools, and the High School continues to expand.


For the past three years, the district has made huge strides, continuing to implement strategies outlined in Plan 2020. Revisions and updates continue to accommodate the changing landscape of Little Elm. Cecilia Jones, the Director for Communications, explains, “We’ve changed the culture in the schools through our incredible staff. We work together like a family and have developed a strong sense of community and loyalty to Little Elm. Our motto: One Community, One Pack, is one we believe in and do our best to uphold.” Not only an employee, but a parent to three children in the LEISD, Cecilia has witnessed first-hand both the implementation of successful programs (like LINK) and the incredible changes in her children’s behavior, learning ability, and education.


LEISD’s two-way Dual Language Program balances native English and Spanish speaking students together in the same class. Students learn English and Spanish, side-by-side, in a collaborative environment. Starting in kindergarten, the program is designed to develop fully bilingual students by fifth grade. LEISD also has an award-winning choir, band, theatre, and visual arts program; a dynamic 5A UIL athletics program with focus on academics, leadership, self-discipline, and time management; and 30+ clubs and organizations help students tap into their creativity, musical talents, leadership, professional careers, and academics..


LEISD understands the importance of community feedback and encourages parents to share experiences and insights in order to constantly improve the school district. Cecilia says, “We ask people for constant feedback. It’s an organic way to find and implement needed changes. We try to keep the pulse of the community by encouraging open, transparent communication.” LEISD’s goal is to create a community where every student loves to learn, every teacher loves to teach, and every person is proud to call home. The mission of Little Elm ISD is to engage, equip, and empower each student to realize their full potential.




  • Ongoing Embedded Professional Learning
  • STEM Focus District Wide
  • Teacher Mentoring Programs
  • Rigor/Relevance/Learner


  • Annual Engage, Equip, Empower (E3) Conference
  • Annual Summer Learning Summit
  • One to One Student Laptop Program
  • Accelerate: Student Leadership & Internship
  • PLCs – Teacher Collaboration
  • Aspiring Leaders Institute
  • Childcare for District Employees
  • LEISD Education Foundation
  • Organizational Health
  • College, Career, Life Ready
  • Lobos Care Employee Care Program
  • FamiLE Culture



300 Lobo Lane

Little Elm, TX 75068


Twitter: @leisd

Facebook: @LittleElmISD