“There comes a time when we must expose our weakness. When our secrets can no longer remain private, when our solitude can no longer be denied…” Mary Alice (character from Desperate Housewives)


Back in 2005, Sunday night viewers would tune in to watch one of America’s favorite sitcoms, “Desperate Housewives.” As everyone listened to the narrator, they saw visions of a perfect neighborhood- Wisteria Lane: perfect houses, yards and beautiful people. However, within minutes the truth behind the façade would begin.


Cassidy White once had the same appearance as those on the popular sitcom—a handsome husband, Klay, her first born, Brody, and a life many envied. As she waited the birth of her second son and was on the way to her baby shower, she received a phone call that would drastically change her life. The voice on the other end of the line said “leukemia” a word foreign to most young adults just beginning their marriage, parenting, and careers.


Throughout the shower, Cassidy, her sister and mother did the best they could to celebrate, hiding the devastating news as much as possible. Afterwards, she had to come to terms with the diagnosis, and later realized she was blessed because of the pregnancy. Had it not been for the pregnancy, the blood disease would have taken White’s life before it was discovered.


Other miracle stories embraced Cassidy as well. One day her back began to ache severely, she wondered if the pains were related to labor and contemplated calling the doctor. As she drifted off into thought, her two dachshunds sat close to each other staring at White as though giving her the signal to call the doctor. Once at the hospital, an emergency C-section was performed, opening the way for yet another miraculous intervention.


As the doctor cut the umbilical cord, he observed that it was tied into a double knot, restricting oxygen to the baby. Had it not been for the back pain, the call to the doctor and subsequent trip to the hospital and emergency delivery, Bex might not have survived.


Cassidy has witnessed many twists and turns in life and shares her experiences in her blog, Life on Cass Lane. She recounts her experiences with GVHD (Graft-versus-host disease), and others have become intrigued to learn more about the truth behind having cancer, GVHD and how the diseases affect the lives of patients, their families and their friends.


When you drive down, “Life on Cass Lane,” expect the unexpected.  Unlike the façade of a fictional neighborhood like Wisteria Lane, “Life on Cass Lane” is raw, real, and full of tears, laughter and honesty.


So, as you travel through your life, take a right down Cass Lane where weakness will be exposed, secrets are no longer private and solitude is no longer wel- comed just like those on Wisteria Lane.


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