HULA HUT a Touch of the Tropics!


No need to book an expensive flight, Hula Hut is coming

to Little Elm! Get ready for your temperature to rise as the

grand opening of this one-of-a-kind restaurant brings a tropical

vacation right to your own backyard!


Even though Hula Hut will be close to home, you’ll want to be sure to come early for the “first come, first served” seating—the wait is often an hour or more. It’s that good! What’s their secret? A fabulous atmosphere, original recipes, and the freshest of ingredients!


Michael Pill, Hula Hut’s general manager, speaks with passion of the original restaurant in Austin, Texas, where he is currently working.


“Our team gets to work by 6:00 a.m. every morning to bring our customers the freshest food possible,” he explains. “‘Cookie-cutter’ restaurants, even those with similar cuisine, just don’t have our heart and our family-like team. They don’t provide our ‘same-day fresh’ ingredients and vacation-like atmosphere!”


Michael describes the unique “Mexonesian” menu—as Mexican with a Polynesian flare—a unique mix of cultures that echoes the welcoming differences of the Pacific islands.


Tubular Tacos—a popular menu choice of 12-inch tortillas stuffed with fillings such as fresh roasted chicken breast with guacamole and cream cheese… or steak… or shrimp! Hula Hut, Michael boasts, was serving fish tacos before they became trendy. And some of the dishes—such as the HuliHuli Luau Platter, Shrimp Pipeline Enchiladas, and specialty Thai BBQ and Hawaiian fajitas—are unique to Hula Hut.


The lunch and dinner selections further sparkle with crisp salads, fresh hamburgers, sandwiches, seafood, queso, enchiladas, jalapeno ranch dip, and plum and peanut sauces.


Vegetarians will appreciate delicious choices such as the created-from-scratch veggie burgers of zucchini, squash, mushrooms, red bell peppers, pistachios, and rice, served on a “hippie bun” and topped with sprouts, tomatoes, pickles and red onion.


For desert, don’t miss the Key Lime pie with toasted coconut crust, Tres Leches cake, Tollhouse pie, and caramel flan. And if the many internet reviews are to be believed, you may even have to wait in line to taste Hula Hut’s one-of-a-kind margaritas, made with freshly-squeezed lime sweet & sour!


Hula Hut’s new Little Elm location, like the original in Austin, will feature a lighted Palapa and private area for weddings, rehearsal dinners, and other special events. It will be well worth planning ahead to book this romantic spot for your special life events!


Hula Hut is located at 210 E. Eldorado Parkway,

Little Elm TX., next to Hydrous Wake Park