Five years ago, Little Elm welcomed newlyweds, Priscilla and Ryan. The growing town was perfect for the new couple as they began their lives…and eventually, their family. For the past three years, Priscilla has been a stay-at-home mom to two handsome boys, Preston and Jacob. As all moms can attest, juggling the needs of children, pets and spouses, as well as keeping the household in working order, leaves little time (and who are we kidding…energy!?) to do the necessary shopping for the family. Priscilla, like many other busy moms, turned to the internet to purchase many of the family’s daily needs: diapers, clothing and décor. It was easy and quick…and didn’t require a double stroller!

As the boys began to get a little older, Priscilla played with the idea of opening her own online clothing boutique. She knew that she, like many others, appreciated the convenience that shopping from the comfort of your own home provided. Priscilla took that bit of knowledge and added in what she loves: fashion and clothing. The result is Priscilla’s Chic Boutique, opening in December 2015.

The online boutique features quality clothing apparel that is fun, fashionable and unique. The designers are located in Los Angeles, so you’ll be presented the hottest trendy and contemporary pieces in the marketplace today. You won’t find these items on the racks in the big box stores around the area, either. “We work hard to find styles that you won’t find anywhere else, because we want you to be one-of-a-kind.”

As a mother of two boys, Priscilla knows how  important  it  is  to  find  clothing  that is fashionable, yet allows for comfort throughout the day. That’s why customers are kept in mind as decisions are made about what to showcase in the store. Each piece has been tried on and tested by women of all different shapes, sizes and ages. There is something for everyone!

Love of fashion wasn’t the only reason Priscilla sought out this new business; love of family was the other…and the most important. Growing up, Priscilla was surrounded by a culture of entrepreneurialism. She witnessed her parents’ dedication in building their own business… and her grandparents before them. In Ryan, she married a man that shared the same entrepreneurial spirit and desire to model it to their children. “I’ve always admired my family for taking risks and having big dreams,” says Priscilla. Now it’s time to continue the legacy. Preston and Jacob will see what Priscilla saw as young girl…the example set forth by parents who were willing to be ambitious, dream big and take risks. The rewards are limitless.

The next time you’re looking for a unique item to spice up your wardrobe, you can be assured that your local, small business owner and Little Elm neighbor, Priscilla Pierson, of Priscilla’s Chic Boutique, will provide you with inspiring options and unmatched customer care.

Visit www.PriscillaChic.com or Priscilla’s Chic Boutique on Facebook, or email at Priscilla@priscillachic.com