Knowledge is increasing like never before and as educational opportunities grow, it’s important to understand the many programs available to our children and teens to help them find those best suited to their needs. Chief Rogerio Garcia and Lieutenant Colonel Phlecia Geary of the Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) Program at Forney ISD hope you will take a closer look at the incredible program they offer, and the many advantages participation in the JROTC has for your adolescents and the community at large.


With more than 44 years of service combined, Garcia and Geary are passionate about the JROTC and excited about sharing that passion with their students. The four year program includes instruction in social etiquette, managing stress, emotional health, fitness and much more. The goal is to prepare students with invaluable skills needed for life after high school. It instills values of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility and a sense of accomplishment.


The mission of the Forney ISD AFJROTC Program is to “Develop citizens of character dedicated to serving the nation and the community.” And serve, they do. Every year the JROTC gives close to 3,000 hours of service. The Forney Cadets have received the highest award possible for a junior ROTC, and in order to receive that award, they were evaluated on instruction, drills, marches and more. The corps is cadet run, teaching young people how to lead through service and humility, instilling comradery and unity—character traits much needed in an often divided society.


They learn aerospace science, leadership education, and physical training along with other useful life skills. JROTC is not just for those considering the military, though it does give a jump start to those who are—upon completion of the program, cadets receive a certificate of training which helps them with promotion within the military. In addition, JROTC members are eligible for many college scholarships.


There are twelve extracurricular activities the cadets can choose from which supplement the basic skills training. Forney recently added drill competitions and placed well even though the division is new. The Forney JROTC, Texas unit 20081 is actually the first unit in Texas in 2008 and they are making their mark in history! Though housed at Forney High School, the AFJROTC Program supports North Forney as well.


The Forney ISD AFJROTC cadets have established themselves as one of the finest JROTC programs, not only in the state, but across the country! The instructors and cadets of Forney ISD recently earned an overall unit assessment score of ‘Exceeds Standards’, the highest rating attainable by an Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps and received Distinguished Unit with Merit.


The Cadets also competed in four Drill Competitions in the Northern Texas area and received top honors…placing from 1st through 4th Place at each drill competition.


To end the year, JROTC has their Nation and Local Award Ceremony which honors the cadets and notes outstanding achievement. Discipline, honor, service, and leadership are just a few of the invaluable lessons cadets take to heart and every participant has the opportunity to make a difference not only in their community, but in their nation, and in their lives. Over a dozen awards were given in April, including:


  • Air Force Sergeants Association Award: Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Kyle Kennan
  • Retired Enlisted Association Award: Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Andrew Brown
  • Military Order of the Purple Heart Award: Cadet Colonel Aidan Odle
  • American Legion Five Hundred Dollars ($500) Scholarship Award Recipients: Cadet Master Sergeant Rhane Bishop and Cadet Colonel Aidan Odle


Program Overview:

  • Instruction by commissioned and non-commissioned officers
  • Leadership and life skills training
  • Physical education
  • Drug abuse/bullying prevention
  • Community service
  • Scholarships and other benefits


Air Force Junior ROTC Contact information:

Lt Col Phlecia Geary,

972-564-3890 ext 40605


Chief Rogerio Garcia, 972-564-3890, ext 40705