Studies show that a simple smile can transform your mood and the atmosphere around you. Though you may not actually be happy, when you put a smile on your face, your brain thinks you’re happy and releases endorphins making you feel more content. Unfortunately, many people never smile because they’re unhappy with the way their teeth look. The great news is that the “Hollywood Smile” can be delivered without the high price tag. Dr. Melina Morrison (formerly Cozby) of Forney Family Dentistry says,


“We cater to your lifestyle.

We have every possible option for

every possible budget and can make

your dream a reality.”


While major smile makeovers can cost well over $30,000, beautiful smiles can be delivered for much less. Dr. Morrison and her team at Forney Family Dentistry offer the Snap-on Smile, a cost-effective option to change the appearance of your teeth without the impact on your budget. For as little as $1500, teeth can be “snapped-on” to your existing teeth giving you the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Clients make a dental appointment where an impression of their teeth is taken. In less than a month, their customized arch is available, and their smile can be transformed! No pain, no shots and no long term commitment. Snap-on-Smile can be attached in the morning, and taken off in the evening. Many clients utilize this option for weddings, photo shoots, or other special occasions, as well as a long-term solution for those unable to afford a permanent makeover.


LUMINEERS are another way unattractive teeth can become stunning.


Lumineers are a glue on veneer that is attached to existing teeth. A very thin porcelain layer, similar to an artificial nail, is adhered to the tooth. The natural tooth is still underneath. The Lumineer can be altered in shape, size, and color and designed perfectly for the patient’s mouth. Because Forney Family Dentistry is a preferred provider, Lumineers come with a lifetime warranty. Chip a tooth, and the repair or replacement is free.


Smile makeovers can be as simple as straightening and whitening too. Traditional metal and ceramic braces are available as well as Invisalign for those who want a less noticeable straightening method. Zoom whitening is quick and effective and done in the office, and at-home whitening trays are also used. The options for smile transformation are limitless. Even for those with severe issues—deep cavities, dark discoloration, missing teeth, overbite, etc.—a new look is not impossible, even on a tight budget. Most smile makeovers can be done for about $10,000, including crowns and other necessary procedures.


Dr. Morrison knows how difficult it can be to finance the smile of your dreams and is committed to making her patient’s dreams a reality. “We have so many financing options available, even beyond traditional avenues. Those who have been rejected by other creditors can often receive financing through us. Don’t let the lack of immediate cash stop you from having the smile you want. It’s more than a luxury. A beautiful, healthy smile can affect your life in ways you might have never imagined.”


Some portions of smile makeovers can be covered by insurance. Forney Family Dentistry has administrative staff that cares about their patients and is dedicated to filing and re-filing insurance claims if necessary in order to see that every patient receives maximum benefits. They are in-network with most companies and also offer affordable financing plans for those without insurance. Dr. Morrison and her team welcome new patients and look forward to giving you exceptional, consistent, customized care in a friendly, welcoming, comfortable environment. Bring a picture of your ideal smile, and let the pros at Forney Family Dentistry get started on helping you achieve your dream.




“Always friendly, on time and compassionate! My son has braces for the first time and is younger than is typical. Everyone here is so helpful and explains everything in detail for both of us!”


“I am so happy that I found Forney Family Dentistry. Everyone there is so nice and so dedicated to doing all they can to make you feel at ease with the procedure that is required to fix your problem. They gave me all the information I needed to make the right choices. I have great confidence in the entire team.”


“This is by far the best service and office I’ve visited EVER. The customer service is great; the facility is clean, organized, and up to date with technology. The patient chairs are massaging chairs and you can watch TV above you while you get your dental work done. Perfect for easing the dental process.”



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