Forney Family Dentistry & Orthodontics: Not Just A Patient, A Person BY LISA JENKINS-MOORE

Forney Family Dentistry & Orthodontics: Not Just A Patient, A Person BY LISA JENKINS-MOORE

We are coming to the close of a year like no other; 2020 brought unexpected experiences and overwhelming fear and discomfort for many. Dr. Melina Morrison understands the concerns and wants to assure her patients that they can safely return to her dental office, knowing that as always, patient health is their first priority. The majority of recommendations and requirements issued in relation to Covid-19, were practices already a permanent part of their procedures. Dental chairs were already 6 feet apart, and hospital grade sterilization has always been in use. In fact, in 2014, Forney Family Dentistry was featured in Sidekick Magazine, a national dental magazine, recognizing their excellence in their state-of-the-art sterilization.

The CDC has no reliable data regarding communicable disease ever being spread in a dental facility. “In our field we are trained to take extreme caution with every patient and now we are taking even more precautions, including taking staff temperatures throughout the day, patient temperatures, and asking patients a list of questions 24-hours prior to their appointment” says Dr. Morrison.

Because of the drastic changes that occurred last spring which accompanied nation-wide restrictions, people are eager to have dental care. The mouth is the gateway to disease, so it’s more important than ever to have regular check-ups and concerns addressed. Most people realize the importance of healthy teeth and gums and love a beautiful smile, but many don’t realize that all practices are not created equal. Large corporate conglomerates disguised as small practices are becoming more common–their service and procedures are not the same as those of private practitioners.

Let’s face it, we all want the best product and service at the best price when it’s available. Dr. Morrison understands the desire for “best” and has built a practice to exceed expectations. When comparing the dental experience between a private and corporate office, the differences are many, but Dr. Morrison has narrowed them down to three distinctions:

1)            Atmosphere

2)            Quality & Consistency of Care

3)            Customized Experience

She explains, “I opened this office and work here daily, so the atmosphere is important to me.” She and her team want patients to feel comfortable, welcomed, and confident they are in good hands with every procedure. In corporate practices, doctors are on one-year contracts, and many are just beginning their careers. Patients may never see the same hygienist or doctor. Dr. Morrison says, “How can patients be comfortable with the care they receive when no real relationship is ever formed?”

The team at Forney Family Dentistry was hand-picked by Dr. Morrison; they are dedicated and caring individuals who have worked together for years. She says, “We don’t just work together, we do life together. It feels less like staff and more like family.” They get to know the patients, not just as patients, but as people. Dr. Morrison recalls some of her patients she treated as children are soon to be High School Seniors and she loves that they’ve all grown up together. “At our practice, you’re not just a chart, you’re a person with a story—a story we want to be a part of.” It’s because of this investment that the dental care of every patient is always consistent—count on seeing familiar faces who know not only your dental care, but your story.

Unlike corporate dental practices, Dr. Morrison has complete autonomy which allows her to make the best decisions for her patients, without monetary or procedural considerations. “We don’t cut corners and aren’t limited by corporate restrictions; we strive for excellence in everything, always choosing the patient’s best interest over our own.” Each patient is treated as an individual and given a customized experience and treatment plan that best suits his needs.

While the year has seemed long, we are only a few months away from its close, so use your insurance benefits before you lose them! Forney Family Dentistry has administrative staff that cares about their patients and is dedicated to filing and re-filing insurance claims if necessary, to see that every patient receives maximum benefits. They are in-network with most companies and also offer affordable financing plans for those without insurance. Dr. Morrison and her team welcome new patients and look forward to giving you exceptional, consistent, customized care in a friendly, safe, comfortable environment.



“This practice is amazing!! Dr. Morrison and all of her staff are awesome! I whole heartily trust them for myself and my family!”


“Wow. This office is amazing! Comfort, Love, and Compassionate Care is what I felt the moment I walked through those doors. Dr. Morrison along with her highly skilled staff will take Great care of your family’s dental needs. GUARANTEED!”


“Love Dr. Morrison & her entire staff! My husband & I have been going here for years & nothing but the absolute BEST.”


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