A smile is one of the most powerful actions your body can make. Studies have proven that smiling lowers stress, boosts the immune system, and improves mood. When you

smile, your brain thinks you’re happy (even if you’re not) and sends feel good chemicals throughout your body. Smiles are contagious and are a universal language of the world. Those who smile are more likely to be hired over other candidates, and are more likely to be promoted in their jobs. Unfortunately, some people never experience these fantastic benefits, because they are embarrassed of their teeth. Discoloration, breaks, crooked formation, or spaces can deter from the beauty of a smile. Thankfully, a perfect smile is now easily in reach!


Dr. Melina Cozby at Family Forney Dentistry is well aware of the power of a smile and is eager to help her patients achieve the confidence that comes with not only healthy, but attractive teeth. With LumiSmile, Dr. Cozby can photograph a patient and show her just what she’d look like with straight, nicely formed, white teeth. From braces to Invisalign, to whitening and Lumineers, she and her team are experts in in creating your dream smile. They offer both metal and ceramic braces and Invisalign for tooth straightening.


Straighter teeth is not just a cosmetic issue, but a health one as well, as they have been proven to increase the longevity of teeth for seven years (they’re easier to brush, floss, and less likely to crack). Dr. Cozby is the top general practice in DFW for Invisalign; she’s done more than any other general dentist in the area! If you are in the market for straightening of any kind, call her office for a free consultation. May 5th will be our annual Brunch and Braces event, offering one day discounts and giveaways.


Dr. Cozby is also one of the leading specialists of Lumineers in the area; those interested in them seek her out, knowing her extensive experience. Lumineers can be a great solution for those with cracks and other issues. They are thin, like a contact lens, and the process is similar to that of applying artificial nails. The Lumineer is placed over the existing tooth making it stronger as well as better looking. Because of her expertise, Dr. Cozby has been able to assist patients that other dentists said could not be helped. She has the experience to handle even the most difficult cases and welcomes those who have been denied services by other practitioners.


Dr. Cozby loves seeing patients happy, and smile transformation is one of her favorite processes. Smile transformation can be as simple as removing staining, to total renovation including straightening, repair, and whitening.  She explains, “When I first meet a patient, I ask them, ‘If you had a magic wand, what would you do to your smile?’ That helps me understand their dreams and goals then together we design the smile they want. I love handing them the mirror for the first time once the procedures are complete. Their faces light up, and often there’s tears—both theirs and mine!”


Her empathy shows with every patient, as she herself lived years with a hidden smile. Dr. Cozby was born without two of her front teeth—they just never grew. She was teased at school and lived with gaps that could not be corrected. She was embarrassed by the deformity, and sadly the many options now available were not at that time. As a teenager, she got veneers to camouflage the missing teeth. “My confidence increased significantly once my smile was repaired. I felt like a different person. I talked more. I smiled more. I know what it feels like to want to hide your smile. It’s one of the motivating factors that fueled my desire to become a dentist. I know how it changed my life, and I love helping others experience the same transformation.”


Forney Family Dentistry is in network with most insurance companies. They also offer many creative financing options to minimize existing road blocks created by monetary concerns. With low monthly payments, patients can afford to create the smile of their dreams.


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