Dr. Melina Morrison is a dedicated practitioner, always seeking better, more efficient ways to treat patients. The ITero Scanner has been on her wish list for many years, and now with the much improved technology, Dr. Morrison knew it was something her patients had to have. Many people suffer from dental issues that are often misdiagnosed; a simple scan can detect exactly what’s going on in the mouth and set the course for effective treatment. Scans are done in the office and results are available within minutes.


Dr. Morrison explains it this way; “When your car is out of alignment, it drives awkwardly and the tires wear in an uneven manner. You could ignore the misalignment and continue to replace the tires, or you could address the source of the issue, have a better driving car, and save time and money. Your mouth is the car. If it is out of alignment, teeth continue to wear and fracture.” Forney Family Dentistry is now incorporating dental scans as part of the routine exams to be included in patient records. Why continue to treat a symptom when the cause can be dealt with once and for all?


Patients with excellent hygiene who consistently take care of their teeth are often frustrated by the

discomfort, tooth chips and even decay they experience. Often, these issues are associated with an unhealthy bite, which can cause tiny fractures open to decay. Misalignment can be corrected with Invisalign, or other clear aligners in a very short amount of time. Most of us would like our teeth to last a lifetime, but the wear and tear of an improper bite can make that impossible. While an improper bite may not be detectable to the naked eye, there are warning signs. These signs include tiny fractures where the tooth and gum meet (this was once attributed to heavy brushing, but technology now pinpoints an improper bite as the cause); more wear on one side or the other or on the top or bottom; TMJ including grinding, popping or clicking of the mouth and jaw.


Dr. Morrison has begun her quest to educate patients early on regarding the importance of proper alignment, knowing she can save them years of discomfort and expense, and even save their teeth from early deterioration. While some dentists may “keep selling tires” Forney Family Dentistry has the tools necessary to detect and correct an improper alignment in the mouth. Patients as young as 9 and as old as 77 have benefited from clear aligners; it’s never too late to start improving your bite and stop damaging your teeth.


Dr. Morrison knows how difficult it can be to finance some dental procedures and she is committed to giving her patients a healthy mouth. “We have so many financing options available, even beyond

traditional avenues. Those who have been rejected by other creditors can often receive financing through us.” Recently, Forney Family Dentistry has teamed up with Lending Point, an alternative financing company for those in need of financial assistance for dental procedures. Lending Point is available for those with less than excellent credit and offers extended payment terms and reasonable rates. Care Credit is also available, and most insurance is accepted.



“The Forney Family Dentistry & Orthodontics is simply an amazing place! My whole family goes there including my almost 2 year old son. All the doctors, hygienists, and staff are so friendly and welcoming! My son especially loves the dino room and hygienist Leigh Garner. She is incredible with him and always makes him feel comfortable and safe which is so important to me as a parent. I wanted him to have a positive experience when it came to brushing and taking care of his teeth from a young age and they have definitely helped in making that a reality for me! I couldn’t recommend them more for the whole family.”


“Always friendly, on time and compassionate! My son has braces for the first time and is younger than is typical. Everyone here is so helpful and explains everything in detail for both of us!”


“I am so happy that I found Forney Family Dentistry. Everyone there is so nice and so dedicated to doing all they can to make you feel at ease with the procedure that is required to fix your problem. They gave me all the information I needed to make the right choices. I have great confidence in the entire team.”


“This is by far the best service and office I’ve visited EVER. The customer service is great; the facility is clean, organized, and up to date with technology. The patient chairs are massaging chairs and you can watch TV above you while you get your dental work done. Perfect for easing the dental process.”




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