There’s something about Prosper that just makes people want to stay. The area called to Prosper’s newest orthodontist, Dr. Tom Bietsch, and his family, who came out here to visit family friends and decided to stay and raise their family.


“We just fell in love with the area,” Dr. Bietsch said. “The people are gracious and kind and treat each other with respect. These are the values we want to instill in our children; the same values we grew up with.”


Dr. Bietsch is from Illinois and his wife Bianca is from Alaska. They came to Prosper via southern California, and were not sorry to leave the Los Angeles traffic behind.


“We didn’t realize that going to the grocery store or the short drives around town could actually be peaceful and calm, unlike the concrete jungle of LA,” Dr. Bietsch noted.


Leaving his successful orthodontic practice behind, Dr. Bietsch and his family moved first to Celina, then to Prosper to build his practice once again. With 17 years as an orthodontist, Dr. Bietsch still feels that what he does every day for patient’s smiles is the best job he could ever have.


“I’m living proof that it’s true: it’s not work if you’re doing what you love,” Dr. Bietsch said. “I get to enhance patients’ smiles every day, which is so rewarding!”


After graduating from San Jose State University, Dr. Bietsch attended the University of the Pacific Dental School and in 1999  graduated  at  the  top  of  his  class.  He  then  attended the University of Pennsylvania to specialize in orthodontics, and in 2001 received his specialty Certificate in Orthodontics.


While teens are the most familiar orthodontic patients, during his 17 years, Dr. Bietsch’s patients included everyone from young children to teens to adults and senior citizens.  “Each age has different needs and different reasons for being here,” he said. “For children, it’s usually preventative to keep them from either removing permanent teeth or having surgery in the future. It’s a good feeling to know you’re helping to shape their future for the better.”


For adults, braces may be something they needed when they were teens but for one reason or another, they couldn’t have braces then. For some, going through orthodontic procedures may help them with other issues, like getting them off their C-PAP machine.


“Nothing allows me to see so much joy as working with young teens and adults,” Dr. Bietsch said. “Their self-esteem changes, they smile bigger, their whole life can change. When the braces come off and tears come to their eyes, they come to mine too.”



Top of his mind during treatment is the comfort of his patients. The bracket system he uses puts less friction on the wires, making the comfort level higher and lessening the pain.


“After an appointment, you’re going back to school or back to work, and you need to be able to concentrate. The less pain the better,” Dr. Bietsch said.


Contributing to the comfort level is the relaxing atmosphere of their new Prosper offices. Dr. Bietsch’s wife Bianca designed the space, blending state of the art equipment and technology with hometown touches, sports memorabilia and soothing tiffany blue and grey finishes.


“Tom treated many Oakland Raiders, Oakland A’s and San Francisco Giants athletes and their families when we lived in California, and collected a lot of memorabilia from several sports over his career,” Bianca said. “Our front staff wears jerseys and the orthodontic assistants wear ref jerseys – it’s fun for everyone.”


Upbeat music plays in the background, punctuated by a Kid Zone, complete with an Xbox with sports-themed games. A big Hall of Fame wall displays before and after pictures, while the MVP (Most Valuable Patient) wall highlights a monthly patient with great oral hygiene, good grades and outstanding character.


When not in the office, you can find Dr. Bietsch, Bianca and their sons out on the lake, gardening, or walking with their two rescue dogs and exploring the area.


“We’re so thrilled to be in Prosper and raising our family while doing what we love. We are truly blessed,” Dr. Bietsch and Bianca concluded.