Embark on a Journey… With a Great Book!

by Lucy Towle (Librarian, Cockrell Elementary)

Books take you places! Some ignite joy, others bring you to tears. But however they do it, books sweep you away to exciting new worlds. Here are a few that will bring a smile to your face, put a warm fuzzy in your throat, and entice your mind to dig further.

Press Here by Herve Tullet (ages 0-4)

A must-have! In this captivating book, the author uses simple dots to interact with children and draw them into the life of the story. The book seems almost magical. As it urges the reader to “press here”, the dots change color, multiply, or (with a heavy blow) even fly off the page. Change the angle of the book and the fun goes on and on! With its bright colors and engaging text, this book is sure to please both the little ones and the young-at-heart who read it to them!


Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty, illustrated by David Roberts (ages 5-9)

Rosie Revere has a gifted imagination, and loves to create wonderful inventions from the “knicks and knacks” she finds. One day, an embarrassing situation leads to a sudden fear of failure, and stifles her love of sharing her creations. But when Great-Great-Aunt Rose comes to visit, she encourages Rosie and helps her to recognize her potential for success, even through minute failures. This wonderful story, written in a pleasing rhythmic prose, teaches readers to take chances and to embrace new ideas.


The Missing Series by Margaret Haddix (ages 10-13)

For years, I have been captivated by this historical science fiction series—a genre I never really knew I loved until I discovered these books. In The Missing, lost children from history come together in the present, then travel to the past to discover their true identities and to fix history. As they explore various historical periods, their time travel brings past, present, and future events together in an amazing series of adventures.

Parents, you are likely to enjoy this series just as much as your kids. Look for opportunities to bond with young readers as you research the facts behind the fantasy in this fascinating historical fiction. Revealed, the latest volume, was just released in September. Learn more at www.haddixbooks.com.


Something Different—Choose Your Own Adventure!

“Choose Your Own Adventure” books are making a comeback with today’s students, both boys and girls alike. Written in second person, these fun narratives allow the reader to become the protagonist, thus choosing the story’s path, making decisions at the plot twists, and determining the outcome of the adventure. From R.A. Montgomery’s classics to newer releases, these series can be found in your local bookstore, through your school book fair, in libraries, and at www.scholastic.com.


Happy Reading!