We’ve all heard the saying “love is a many splendored thing.” The same holds true for works of art. Comprised of many layers and magnificent features, and represented in various, sometimes unconventional forms, art is meant to be personal. The same piece of work that’s viewed by five different people will likely garner five diverse interpretations and evoke five distinctive feelings. Therein lies the beauty of art – it’s personal…and it’s meant to be that way. No matter the color, size, medium or style of art, past experiences of each individual comes into play and shapes the overall reaction and interpretation of any work of art.


Husband and wife team, Jerrod and Lisa Gardenhire, understand that choosing a specific piece of art for your home or business is personal…and can be challenging, but extremely rewarding. They get it. That’s why they have been creating custom pieces of art at JL Studios for seven years, providing their clients with works of art that not only fit their personality and décor, but embody that extra layer of meaning specific to them…and them alone.


As a master of many mediums, Jerrod combines his flair for creativity and extensive design skills with Lisa’s experience and knowledge in Home Interior Design, fashion and trends, to create a unique, niche market in the custom design world – original art on wood. Each original design is four inches deep and individually handcrafted on wood. Aging, shading, painting, staining and burning processes are utilized to create unique variation in color and texture that are intrinsic to the character of each piece. And, if you love music as much as you cherish art, you’re in luck…JL Studios has created a wireless sound system, using a scientifically tuned cabinet that is then built into the artwork. This feature can be added to any design, allowing you to listen to your favorite music, dispersed throughout the entire room. You’ve never seen…or heard… anything like it.


The Gardenhire’s combined prowess allows them to create timeless pieces of art that become treasured family heirlooms, lovingly passed down from generation to generation. These are handcrafted, unique-to-you pieces of custom art…more than simply pictures or photographs on a wall. The Hawaiian people are known to participate in a well-known tradition called “Talk Story.” This simply means sharing important stories to preserve them for future generations. This is how Jerrod and Lisa learn more about you, in order to develop ideas and concepts, turning your story into a final piece that is overflowing with personal meaning and emotion.


More often than not, the process of sharing intimate stories of happiness or heartbreaks turns clients into friends, creating relationships that Jerrod and Lisa protect and cherish. As the parents of five children, they are regular, everyday people, striving to make your life a little richer by showcasing important times and memories in your life in a way that is unique to you and your family. Lisa’s father, Gerald Hutson, even comes in from Georgia every month or so, pitching in to help with various tasks around the shop…so it’s really one family working together to create something special for another.


One of the main designs Jerrod and Lisa offer is called “Memories,” and it’s their top seller. These designs are completely custom and unique to you. Remember those cherished photographs of beloved family members, once-in-a-lifetime vacations or occasions that hold special meanings? Or mementos from your grandmother, like her favorite locket or worn gardening gloves? How about your Dad’s old fishing pole…the one that you reeled in your first catch? Any of these items, plus an endless array of others, can become the centerpiece around which your story is woven.


The Gardenhire’s desire is to “consistently offer custom designs that reflect our vision of art’s limitless boundaries.” In other words, share your story with them and let them do what they do best…design and create. They also offer their own original works (which can also be customized), as well as custom pieces, suitable for showcasing in homes and offices. Flower Mound High School, Soulman’s Bar-B-Que and Bad Monkey Productions are a few of the proud business owners of custom artwork by JL Studios. And if all of that creativity isn’t enough to pique your interest, they can combine art with function by incorporating a wireless sound system, cool wine storage…or both…to any design. Just ask!


You can browse their website at, email or call 972-740-9917 for more information. Better yet, stop by their booth at either Canton First Monday Trade Days

(Arbors II – spaces 242-244) or McKinney Third Monday Trade Days (log cabin next to the office). This is the type of work you need to see – and hear – to believe. Be prepared to be wowed. Be prepared to be moved. Be prepared to be inspired.