Dr. Melina Cozby doesn’t view dentistry as a job, but as a dream come true. A native of Forney, Texas, she loves her community and imagined serving them long before she completed her degree in dentistry. Now, as one of only two private practice dentists in Forney, she is passionate about changing not only perceptions about dental work, but patient experiences as well. Dr. Cozby encourages those seeking dental care to do their research as there is a vast difference between private and corporate dental practices.


By thoroughly educating patients in her office, and through her weekly radio interview (every Wednesday at 6pm on KFNY) Dr. Cozby hopes to break down barriers that keep people from seeking dental care. She addresses issues ranging from phobias to financial concerns. She is dedicated to seeing people understand the importance of good dental health because “the mouth is the gateway to the body.” Most people don’t realize how many health issues are related to improper oral hygiene.


Dr. Cozby and her team go above and beyond to make patients feel at ease with their treatment. She personally attends to each patient, spending quality time with each one explaining individualized needs and crafting personal treatment plans. She and her team offer every kind of sedation option, as well as anxiety reduction methods to prevent patients from feeling injections, and noise canceling headphones because “no one likes the sound of a drill.” She says, “I love being able to help patients who are extremely dental-phobic overcome their fear and trust me with helping them find the right treatment for their lifestyle. I understand how important a smile can be and how every person’s ideal smile is different. It’s my goal to create a trust-based relationship with a patient where I can learn what they want and cater to their individual needs.”


Because she is a mom of three children, Dr. Cozby knows that sometimes the parent is more worried than the child being treated. She realizes how important it is for parents to have the option of being present during treatment. For that reason, her office offers larger rooms to accommodate parents. Dinosaur themed rooms with glass panels are available for young patients who do better without a parent present.


Providing a personal touch is key to the success of her practice. Unlike corporate dentistry, Dr. Cozby is interested in making a connection with each of her patients. She’s not only interested in their oral health, but their day-to-day lives, activities, and ambitions.  While many share concerns of financial limitations, Dr. Cozby compassionately searches for creative solutions. Her practice accepts Medicaid and Medicare; in-house financing and Care Credit; and is in network for most providers. As an added service, the team at Forney Family Dentistry sends out reminders about insurance benefits, helping patients to remember to use them before they expire.


Dr. Cozby shares, “I feel truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to help educate patients on a daily basis on ways to improve their lives through better overall health and oral health. We all have a calling to nurture and mature, and I know God has blessed me with the ability to help people with their smiles.” She not only helps those within her private practice, but gives generously to those in need through her non-profit, Smiles of Grace. Through Smiles of Grace, Dr. Cozby and her team offer free dental care, grocery assistance, and more.


When not at her practice, Dr. Cozby donates time to Dallas Christian School and to her church. She loves spending time with her children, ages 9, 6, and 3. They enjoy traveling as a family and plan frequent game nights. Dr. Cozby also enjoys waterparks, Shenanigans, and fishing in the pond near their home.




“I am beyond amazed at the gentle treatment I received from you and your wonderful team today. You handle my extreme fear with kindness and understanding, and the whole process was painless.”


“Forney Family Dentistry is the first dental office I’ve ever felt comfortable visiting. I have such a fear from a childhood trauma; it’s almost a PTSD reaction for me just to walk in the door. Dr. Cozby and her wonderful assistant Amelia make every visit stress free and pain free!”


“The Team here is amazing!!! Always smiling faces and free coffee!!! Love how clean my teeth feel once my family and I are done with our visits!”


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