Todd McCally doesn’t consider himself a tech guy. However, in 2001 he founded the Internet-marketing firm Get Me Placement.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION – Todd McCally and his team assist their clients, mostly business owners looking to elevate their company’s online profile and relevance, through a service called search engine optimization (SEO). Using its own proven methods, GMP secures companies prime placement on well-known Internet search engines such as, and

Rather than pay to advertise with search engines to garner clicks on a business’ website, GMP adjusts companies’ sites to ensure that they appear in the so-called “organic,” middle section of search-engine pages when online searches are performed. “We put them on the part of the page where over 80 percent of people click. They’re in all the search engines and they’re there 24/7,” said McCally, who previously was a partner in the firm, which served as the search-engine portal for

“That placement is important these days, when smart phones afford people easy and instantaneous access to unending amounts of information and options. Most people rarely scroll to the second page of search results”, he said, “which is all the more reason why businesses should be front and center, so you can be one of the choices of people when they chose to purchase a product or hire a service.”

“SEO services can quickly and positively impact a company’s bottom line by way of upticks in business and profits”, McCally said, noting that most of his clients have seen five times more website traffic and sales opportunities at about a third of the cost of advertising on big-name search engine sites. “We’ve helped over 11,000 clients who have had 100 percent success.”

The company also works with individuals who are looking to establish or improve their online presence. “The term search is so prevalent in our society,” McCally explained. “People will look for (other) people’s names or try to find them on social media (and) learn more information” (as part of an employee background check, for example). “It’s something we can help with.”

AFFILIATE PROGRAM – A decade ago, GMP began teaching others its proven SEO methodology. Through its exclusive affiliate program, individuals receive training, software and thousands of sales leads to start building their own SEO business, with which they can assist clients around the globe.

“It’s a complete business in a box,” he said, “which can produce a six-figure annual income.”

INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY – GMP also offers investment opportunities for individuals with whom it partners on hundreds of websites that it builds and leases to companies looking for greater online visibility.

“We get the sites placed (on search engines) and manage and maintain them, and split the profits”, McCally explained, adding that such arrangements can produce a 30 to 60 percent annual return on your investment.  “All you do is check your mailbox every month and pick up your check, so you can participate in the Internet boom as well.”

McCally is confident that the SEO industry will remain strong in the future. “Search engines have and always will provide relevant results,” he said. “This is something that’s here to stay.”

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