A WEB AGENCY BOUND TO MAKE YOU SMILE! A mompreneur, a reverend, and a web developer walk into a juice bar…

A WEB AGENCY BOUND TO MAKE YOU SMILE! A mompreneur, a reverend, and a web developer walk into a juice bar…

When was the last time you had a business send you custom cookies to congratulate you on opening stores in 5 new states? Or received a hand-picked Etsy gift-box including French drinking chocolate and a ceramic mug in your favorite color when you broke your ankle? If you are thinking ‘uh, never…,’ chances are you haven’t had the pleasure of working with Hooked On Code. Not just another website development company, this quirky, all-female agency focuses on much more than their excellent product.



The agency’s self-declared purpose is “to create delightful experiences”— which includes working with them and for them. Torre Capistran, founder of Hooked On Code, explains, “We never fail to produce fantastic results, so our goal really has become to spark delight in our client interactions. If we get through a meeting without our client letting out a belly

laugh, we’ve failed.”


Annie Chambers has been with the agency since last fall, and has only good things to say about working there. “It’s a delight, and that’s because of the people. I love being able to work remotely, and that whenever the team works together it’s always a fun thing. I never think ‘aw, man, I have to go in to work…’ That’s a rare thing to find. The culture and attitude of the agency is a huge part of why I love working here. Having fun isn’t just a client-facing core value; it’s part of how we run internally, too.”



Jill Malone, Director of Marketing at SpotSee in Dallas, was looking for a reliable partner and got so much more than she hoped. “We hired Hooked On Code to rescue us from a bad situation. We were having multiple                problems with our web agency. An 8-week project turned into a 6-month ordeal, and               the relationship with them wasn’t easy or productive. It was almost impossible to edit our site and difficult to post new content. We started with Hooked On Code on a monthly Care Plan because we needed immediate fixes and updates, and then went through a larger rebuild project with them. It’s a game changer to have the ability to make edits and post new content ourselves.”


Karen Fry, Co-Spiritual Director at CSLDallas, has a story not too dissimilar from Jill’s. “We started working with Hooked On Code in 2015,” Karen recalls. “We wanted a new website that was modern and really expressed the spirit of what our community is all about. We had already been let down by two developers when we were referred to Hooked On Code. They picked up the project and in less than 3 months we launched an incredible website that has had a huge impact in newcomers finding our community because it’s so clear and impressive.”


The ladies at Hooked On Code are used to hearing these kinds of stories. Torre comments, “We are often Wonder Women for our clients who have come out of bad experiences. We don’t mind coming to the rescue; it’s a delight to help change someone’s experience so drastically with something so important to their business.”


Hooked On Code often finds that the real reason they are hired is to make someone’s life easier. “I trust them,” continues Jill, “so this part of my job is less stressful.”


Jill ended her interview with an unshakable recommendation. “They are much easier to work with than the average agency. They have better technical and problem-solving skills, are organized, and can explain things in a way that is easy to understand. Also, I absolutely love that they are women-owned and local.”


Karen had an equally compelling recommendation.

“I would absolutely beyond a shadow of a doubt recommend Hooked On Code. The team is very easy to work with; they listen well, and execute what we want in the fastest and most economical way. Friendships develop through working with them. Also, since we’re radically inclusive, it’s so important to show that inclusivity and diversity on our website and Hooked On Code always nails that.”



Hooked On Code finds that their clients are open-minded, progressive thinkers who understand technology and are ready to trust an experienced agency to take a project off their plate. Some are entrepreneurs who are ready to start or grow their business, and others are marketing directors looking for the right partner. They are also popular among progressive churches and spiritual centers that need a website to capture their essence.



Website projects don’t have to be awful; Hooked on Code has found a way to make them fun. In fact, the experience and websites Hooked On Code produce are backed by a money back guarantee. If a client is not absolutely DELIGHTED in the website she receives, she can return it for a full refund.



If you’ve been looking for help with a website and are dying to talk to these ladies, go to delightful.af and schedule a free 30-minute consult, or email hello@hookedoncode.com to start a conversation!


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