There are a number of things that can bring a community together, but perhaps one of the most effective ways is through beautiful music! Although we all have preferred solo artists, bands and genres; we can all agree that music in general can lift our spirits, bring a smile to our faces and add a little jump in our step.

In Forney, we are blessed with a number of accomplished musicians ranging in age from elementary school to the senior citizen community. Musical talent in Forney is wide spread, but sometimes that talent may not have an opportunity to be heard.

Until recently!
Three years ago, Forney Independent School District (ISD) Fine Arts Director Mario Luna formed the Forney Community Band Ensemble with the assistance of Christie Conaway, the music chairperson for the Forney Arts Council. Their goal was to create a musical group comprised of Forney residents of all ages to perform at a number of events and activities throughout the community.

Luna, who is also a co-chair for the Forney Arts Council, had a vision of building a band consisting of Forney ISD music students, district music teachers, Forney ISD alumni and residents from Forney and surrounding communities served by Forney ISD. As a result, the Forney Community Band was born.

“We have a significant number of people in Forney with an incredible amount of musical talent,” Luna noted. “We wanted the opportunity to bring all of that talent together and to share it with the entire community. It’s a chance for us as musicians to share our love and passion for music with our friends, neighbors, people we work with and other community members.”

Currently, the Forney Community Band performs two summer concerts a year. The band has a variety of conductors leading the ensemble including Forney ISD music instructors Mack Wood, Mark Poole, Cody Russell and Michael Kilgore.

This year, the Forney Community Band will take the stage at the Spellman Amphitheater on June 25 under the direction of Cody Russell, the Warren Middle School band director, one of two middle schools in Forney ISD. The ensemble will return to the stage at the Spellman Amphitheater on July 30 under the direction of the Sunnyvale High School band director and Forney resident Mark Conaway. Both concerts are free and open to the public and will start at 8 p.m.

The Forney Community Band’s repertoire includes current pop music, film soundtrack titles and patriotic music.

Individuals interested in more information about the Forney Community Band can visit the Forney Community Band Facebook page or submit an email to the Forney Arts Council at music@forneyarts.org.