1385 DENTAL STUDIO A Fresh Approach to Dentistry BY LISA JENKINS-MOORE

1385 DENTAL STUDIO A Fresh Approach to Dentistry BY LISA JENKINS-MOORE

Born in Sudan, and having spent some of her childhood there, Dr. Mustafa brings a different perspective to American healthcare. Seeing a country ravaged by civil war, people in poverty, and most lacking even basic health services, she was moved to become a health professional that could make a difference in the lives of people. Her parents had spent some time in Pennsylvania in the 70s and when things escalated in Sudan, returned to the states with their children, settling in Euless, Texas.


Dr. Mustafa grew up in the mid-cities, and as a high school student shadowed a few local dentists. She then attended UTA, majoring in Biology, and went on to Texas A&M College of Dentistry (formerly Baylor) to obtain her Doctorate. Her career began in corporate and private offices, and she served in community dentistry as well. While the time there was valuable, she wanted a more personalized experience for her patients and the freedom to make the best decisions for each person in her chair. Thus, 1385 Dental Studio was born.


Dr. Mustafa, and her husband, Damien, launched their practice in 2020—yes, in the midst of the pandemic, with a toddler, and new baby on the way! Hard work, determination, and a desire to serve fueled their efforts in a challenging time and now the practice is open in Aubrey. The office boasts latest technology (CBCT, digital x-rays, intraoral cameras/TVs). Patients can view their radiographs and pictures during the exam, learning about the treatment. The office ambience is serene—relaxing music, snack/beverage/coffee station, and movies/shows are available. Treatment rooms are relaxed offering wide glass windows overlooking nature.


Damien is the office manager and administrator. They opened the business together to ensure a positive patient experience on both the office and treatment side of dentistry. Dr. Mustafa offers general dentistry to all ages and encourages parents to get their infants in early to get them acclimated to the dental office environment, lessoning fear and anxiety that can accompany the experience.


Anxiety about dental visits is not limited to children and youth, however. Even as adults many have a phobia regarding visiting the dentist, and sadly, this fear keeps many from seeking the preventative care they need. Waiting until pain is present can turn a visit into an emergency procedure. Preventative care is the best care, and Dr. Mustafa wants patients to understand that visiting the dentist can actually be a pleasant experience. “We offer many solutions to make treatments comfortable including laughing gas and minimal sedation,” explains Dr. Mustafa. “It’s very important to schedule your six month check-ups and make preventative exams a priority.” Preventative dentistry is imperative to more than just teeth. It’s crucial for the diagnosis of head/neck pathology that can affect the entire body and one’s overall health.


While some are still concerned about Covid-19, Dr. Mustafa assures patients that their office is a safe, sterile environment. “We are following all CDC guidelines, pre-screening patients, and offer a pre-treatment mouth rinse that kills viruses and bacteria in the mouth.” Patient paperwork is accessed on-line, so forms can be filled out in advance. Only patients are allowed in the lobby and temperatures are taken. In addition, during treatment, the providers offer Dry-Shield, an oral device that reduces aerosol admissions. Appointments are scheduled further apart allowing ample time for thorough disinfecting of the rooms between patients. The practice also schedules families together whenever possible.


Community involvement is very important to Dr. Mustafa and her husband, Damien. This year they sponsored the ice rink in Windson Ranch Community in Prosper; and   they will be giving a $500 scholarship to a graduating senior in the community. “We want to give back to our community and make sure everyone has access to good dental care.”


Before having children, Dr. Mustafa and Damien enjoyed traveling, especially to the tropics. Now, with a toddler and newborn, they cherish evenings at home together with a good movie, dining in restaurants, and sporting events (and of course, the sometimes elusive, good night’s sleep…)


What Patients Are Saying:


“If you’re like me going to the dentist is a love/hate experience… primarily more hate than love. My last horrible dentist visit forced me to put a little more energy into finding another dentist. After 2-days of looking and comparing I settled on 1385 Dental Studio. Initially the numbers 1385 spoke to me, and after meeting the staff I’m happy I followed my instincts. The facility has a clean, fresh ambiance; and while it has state of the art dental technology, you still feel well cared for. The entire staff and dentists are absolutely wonderful. They are extremely personable, knowledgeable, yet able to simplify things. They are so thorough and go out of their way to make a necessary evil pleasurable. I ended up having to get a few things done, so they put me on a dental plan for long-term care. They didn’t over sell or try to up sale me on what I needed done, but instead offered options for my needs/budget. For the first time, I’ve had a dental experience that was more love than hate. I highly recommend you have a 1385 experience… and make sure you get the warm lavender scented towel at the end of your dental services. It’s free and a must have! That is something I hope they never stop.”


1385 Dental Studio

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